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Choosing Your
Lead Magnet

There is a saying that you can't get anything for free. Most marketers know that in order to build your mailing list, it is advised to create an offer that is hard to resist. Create unique valuable content or offers that help solve and give your clients a better sleep. You can guide them to valuable content that will help solve their problems or at least make their lives easier.

Designing Your Email Sequence

Email programs like MailChimp, Aweber, Active Campaigns offer autoresponder series, which help drip valuable offers to your clients. Integrate MailChimp with your landing pages for a successful communication channel and feedback.

Building and Choosing Your Funnel

There are a variety of funnel types. Lead generation, webinar funnels, list-building funnels, trip-wire funnels, and sales funnels. Each funnel has a multi-step process that guides the potential lead down the path towards a fruitful relationship with you.

Simply Easy

Funnel building is as simple as 4 easy steps - 1) Compelling lead magnet; 2) Create an upsell landing page; 3) Create a simple sales form with purchase button and 4) A thank you page with a series of email offers spaced out, offering valuable and unique tips/tricks/case studies to name a few.

Starting at $47/month

What is included?

Simplifying The Web FUNNEL Builder

  • Plans start as low as $47/month CAD
  • Plans come with 3 - 20 funnels per month
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Can re-order and add to funnel steps
  • Can create bump offers
  • Three step sales funnels (in growth and pro plans)
  • Analytics
  • Integration with MailChimp, Active Campaigns
  • All-in-one, includes responsive website builder and hosting with SSL
  • Each funnel can have its own domain or subdomain

The EASIEST Funnel Tool EVER

Funnels are the quickest and seamless way to reach your target audience, build a relationship of trust and provide value. Professional themed templates can fit any combination of funnel type you need.

Customization through integrating your own branding can be created in minutes.  

Edit your pages with a simple drag and drop. You don't need to hire people anymore. Quick onboarding and all the tools to tie in payments, membership (private pages) for digital downloads, upsells and OTOs (one-time offers).

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